Machine Learning Developer


Full Time
Posted 10 months ago

Roles & Responsibilities of ML Developer   

  • Designing, developing and testing algorithms and architectures for unstructured information retrieval and classification 
  • Taking ownership of research and development of various algorithms for information extraction, language understanding (NLP) and image processing  Background in machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow or Keras  Knowledge of Hadoop or another distributed computing systems  Experience working in an Agile environment   
  • Writing scripts for web crawling, data cleansing and model validation 
  • Understanding of data structures and algorithms effectively   
  • Develop business intelligence reports, machine learning models for manufacturing or business teams.  
  • Responsible for creating AWS Infrastructure using basic AWS Services like EC2, RDS, S3 
  • Adhere AWS recommended security and scaling guidelines  
  • Setting up Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines  
  • Responsible for monitoring, enhancing, troubleshooting existing cloud infrastructures on AWS  
  • Understanding of Container and Orchestration technologies
  • Understanding of linux/shell scripting. 

Experience : 1 years – 3 years

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