Launching a startup is always challenging especially when an entrepreneur has to make the best use of a limited capital. We have seen this very often in startups that given the financial constraints, time limit and lack of experienced employees, UX design receives the least concern.

This is one of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make which can cost a fortune. UX design is the last thing you want to mess with, especially if you are running a startup. Paying least or no attention to this can harm the organizational growth and profit.

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

I have seen that  User Experience (UX) design is often used interchangeably with User Interface (UI) Design. This is a grave mistake. UX design encompasses a larger area than UI design.

UX design involves several elements. From acquiring and integrating a product to branding, designing, checking usability and functions, a UX designer has a lot to do. It is the responsibility of a UX designer to conceive the user-experience from a viewer’s point so that a visitor can enjoy an enhanced interactive atmosphere.

A perfect UX design will leave a long-lasting impact on the product or the service, whereas, a poor design can have adverse effect on the company. Whether it is interface, layout, text, brand, sound or interaction, a dedicated and experienced UX designer will put in best efforts to add credibility to the product.

Why UX Design is gaining more importance in the start-ups?

According to a study published in Forbes, 90% startups fail because they fail to create an impact. Whereas, a report featured in Fortune says that the one of leading reason is “They make products no one wants” in other words, there is no market demands.

With the increase of mobile users, UX design has seen a sudden rise and interest across organizations. Consumers are expecting more from the sites and apps and seek comfort in their use so that they can get an easy, enjoyable and intuitive experience.

As the first impression is the last impression, startups have also started to put more emphasis on this to stand out from the rest.

Now more businesses have started to put emphasize on offering better experience, ease of access and comfort. And a good UX design can help to communicate the idea of a product or a service better to a viewer leading to more conversion and greater retention.

What does a UX Designer do in a startup?

A UX designer conducts a thorough research to ensure a startup sustains in a competitive market.

To sum up:

  • Performing a competitor analysis and understand the opportunities
  • Creating a unique value proposition (UVP) structure
  • Further improvement of UVP
  • Conceptualizing and creating user personas keeping the users in the mind
  • Researching on the layout and enhancing the readability and usability

From this discussion, this is clear why UX design occupies a large area in startups. If you are running a startup or planning to venture out, you must never underestimate UX design. I would also recommend the use of Lean UX to gain benefits. If you successfully incorporate Lean UX with your Agile Team, you will be able to gain insights more quickly and make the product more adaptable to the consumers.

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