Today at a global level English is one of the most common languages used in terms of communication. While in today’s growing IT industry, with individuals coming from various parts of the country, they sometimes do face a problem of not being proficient in the English language. Hence, Promact took the initiative to help their employees to be better at it by introducing a special learning class which was tutored by an educator routinely. The dedication that everyone put into it was remarkable and the learning was a success.   

The English communication was specifically tailored to suit the requirements of the professional world our employees work in as in today’s times it holds a paramount of importance. All employees were taught the finesses of the language, the usage of proper grammar and communication skills, in terms of vocal and written forms. Additionally, they were also taught how to conduct meetings, draft emails, documentation and manage telephonic calls more effectively, hence making them better trained for the IT industry. These skills helped them with everyday work and gave a boost to their confidence to speak English. The main reference book used was Wren & Martin by P.C Wren.

As our head HR, Divyangi Bhatt clearly mentions, “We learned the innumerable ways through which we could correct and learn English. This learning session was very helpful as it catered to all the four areas of LSRW i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing.”

English was taught every morning for an hour by the prominent Mrs. Reena Kadam of Vadodara. The below are mentioned skills which were included to help every individual learn and grow.

  • Pronunciation skills
  • Practical explanations of grammar theories lessons
  • Extensive vocabulary
  • Comprehending skills through Reading & Writing
  • Comprehensive practice for Writing skills
  • Realistic approach of Speaking through Role plays, Group discussions, Speech & Other activities
  • Personality development

Post the learning session, there was an additional initiative taken by the lead management Chintan Shah to induce the love for reading. So, a group would assemble for 15 minutes before lunchtime and read excerpts from a book every day.

As one of the employees at Promact Shagun Parikh excitedly says, “I thoroughly savored the reading sessions and I looked forward to them every day as it would refresh my mind and would enjoy the sessions with my teammates.”

The first book with which they initiated the reading session was “The Immortals of Meluha” which is the first novel of the Shiva trilogy by Amish Tripathi. Post the completion of the English communication sessions, an initiative to start a mini library consisting of paperback books and e-books on Kindle was made accessible for every employee of the Promact family.

Try sparing some time in your day, reading is a wonderful habit to cultivate and it stands true with the related to the below quote by Dr. Seuss.

“The more you read

the more things you know.

The more that you learn

the more places you’ll go.”

~ Dr. Seuss

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