At Promact, we understand that employees spend most of their waking hours in the workplace, and it is our responsibility to make it a place where they can do lots while also having fun. We greatly invest in them, and want them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Learning at Promact

A study published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior highlights a link between fun activities and informal learning at the workplace. It suggests that letting employees have fun makes them better learners and improves their job performance.

This is especially true with us ‘Promactians’. With our initiatives like Learning Saturday, Hackathon, Book-reading, etc., we have realized that most employees either learn independently or within a group in an informal way.


At this year’s 48-hour Hackathon Challenge, we saw our enthusiastic and dedicated teams working hard as we invited each team to formulate solutions and create new pathways for the advancement of the technology industry. They indulged in team activities for brainstorming, camaraderie, and fun.

Learning Saturday

We have dedicated the last Saturday of each month to learning something new. Apart from motivating our employees to voluntarily take up learning assignments, we have also hosted sessions on fitness, staying positive and motivated, and eating healthy by professional trainers as well as organizational development specialists.


We have a long tradition of conducting audiobook sessions, where all Book-Club members listen to a common topic, and indulge in a healthy discussion. We have also built a library to help our colleagues improve their communication skills, where they can issue books of their choice, and return upon completion.

Fun at Promact

We know that fun at work contributes to employee wellness, generates psychological fulfillment, and increases work satisfaction. Fun activities increase self-confidence and help in team bonding.

A study by leading psychologist Professor Sir Cary Cooper suggests that fun at work not only boosts productivity but also reduces sick days taken by employees.

The managers and senior leaders at Promact have recognized that small wins lead to big wins, and it inspires their teams to bring their best. Fun at work is also an important step in employee retention.

Cookie Friday

Fridays mean fun at Promact, and we celebrate the weekend fervor with cookies, cakes, shakes, and various other kinds of desserts. This is a delicious reward for a great week at work.


Yearly picnics at Promact are highly refreshing! We went for a two-day picnic to Kutch, Gujarat this year and visited the White Desert, Kala Dungar, Mandvi Beach, and Vijaya Vilas Palace. The days were filled with team recreational activities and laughter.


We Promactians never miss a chance when it comes to celebration. Whether it’s Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year, Navaratri, or Uttarayan, we organize celebrations with full fervor. It helps break the monotony and relieves the stress from routine work.

Promact Olympics

We organize Promact Olympics every year to effectively manage and improve employees’ emotions, health, and to boost their morale. It includes many indoor and outdoor games such as dart game, slow cycling, cricket, chess, PS3 and relay race among others.

Woman’s Day

At Promact, 50% workforce consists of women, and we also have a female CEO. We ensure that all women feel special on this day. We decorate the office and surprise them by placing a customized card, flowers, and sweets on their work desks before they arrive.

Children’s Day

Understanding our social responsibility, this year we invited underprivileged children and gifted them some amazing memories. Helped by our volunteers, the children played computer games, enjoyed a quiz session, expressed their creativity with Pictionary, enjoyed yummy snacks, and went back smiling.

The takeaway

It takes a high level of creativity to build and maintain a positive work culture. We strive each day to ensure that our workplace activities are a mix of fun, knowledge distribution, and sometimes challenges.

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