As we enter 2020 with new optimism, enthusiasm, and a bit of apprehension, the memories of last year @Promact keep coming back. Such an eventful, pleasant, and joyous year surely deserves a reminiscence.

Working @Promact is a roller-coaster ride of work, new learnings, and fun & frolic. Work takes us ahead in our career path, the fun & play makes our career journey far more relaxing, colorful, and memorable, and the new learning adds a new dimension to our overall growth as responsible individuals.

The incredible year has passed by, but let’s take a sneak peek into all the events and other interesting happenings in 2019.

The fun quotient

Uttarayan, the Gujarati spectacle, was celebrated with great fanfare. The sky was vibrant with colorful kites while we savored mouth-watering delicacies and had a great time bonding with each other.

Next came one of the most awaited events of the year, Olympics @Promact. We displayed the true spirit of sportsmanship, as we participated and competed with each other in a series of solo as well as team games.

Valentine’s Week was very special @Promact. We enjoyed super fun days such as Traditional Day, Formal Day, Mismatch Day, and Red Day.

Promact took a break from the festivities, and we adorned black to remember our brave jawans who lost their lives in the Pulwama Attack.

Then came the Women’s Day, and Promact made its female workforce feel special with customized cards, beautiful flowers, and delicious chocolates.

And when its time for the festival of colors, how could a fun-loving company like Promact not celebrate it? Holi was another fun-filled day for the employees, as all of us joyfully sprayed colors on each other.

We adorned the colors of our National Flag and stood tall with pride and honor in the formation of our Tricolor on Independence Day. We celebrated this special day by savoring delectable sweets and sharing the love for our nation.

Festivals hold a special meaning for us, we immersed in the devotion of Goddess Durga during all the nine days and celebrated Navratri with much fanfare. Aarti and prasad were organized for the whole staff of Promact.

The festival of lights renewed our team-spirit with a high profile rangoli competition, judged by renowned artist Kamlesh Vyas. As we left for the Diwali break, Promact made it super special with a host of customized goodies.

We made Children’s Day special for some underprivileged children, while our team of volunteers had a wonderful time playing games with them and offering scrumptious snacks as well as gifts to them.

On Men’s Day, Promact pleasantly surprised all the male co-workers by customizing desktop wallpapers and placing cards as well as chocolates on their desks.

And then came the extravagant Annual Day of Promact. We celebrated our annual event with foot-tapping dances, soulful singing, mouth-watering delicacies, an award ceremony honoring outstanding performers, followed by an energetic session of Garba.

Our team celebrated Christmas by turning Secret Santa for each other. We gathered together near the Christmas tree to unveil our surprise gift and celebrated the generous spirit of Christmas.

The feel-good factor @Promact never came to an end in 2019. The Cookie Friday ritual ensured that we completed every workweek on a sweet note by relishing delicious pastries, cup-cakes, tarts, cookies, brownies, and much more.

The [email protected] advantage

Apart from the events and festivals, Promact dedicates the last Saturday of every month for learning and fun activities.

The management focused on our overall development and not just improvement in work-related matters. Our leaders emphasized highly on both mental and physical well-being.

Promact invited Mr. Just Win Singh, the founder of the Institute of Happiness, to motivate us to be happy in every situation. He helped us imbibe the belief that Happiness is Everything.

Our guest trainer and eminent nutritionist Ms. Swati Patel inspired us to improve and maintain our physical health. She shared valuable tips to incorporate physical wellbeing in our day-to-day activities.

We learned an easy office workout from the renowned physiotherapist and our guest speaker Dr. Snehal Shah. He taught us to indulge in simple 5-minute exercises to unwind during working hours from our hectic lifestyle.

Mr. Chintan Shah delivered a lecture on Financial Planning and the Indian Taxation System. He helped us become more aware and efficient in handling our taxation matters.

Then came our ‘Taare Zameen Par’ inspired Drawing Competition. With soothing music in the backdrop, this activity uplifted our spirits and also brought to light many artists among us.

Taking a step further in making us responsible citizens, Promact collaborated with the Red Cross Society for a first-aid certification course. We learned how to give correct first-aid to accident victims, individuals getting heart-attack, and much more.

To help us handle our money more effectively, Mr. Chintan Shah educated us on different investment options, their pros and cons, and how to select the right investment instrument.

Next, Ms. Aaradhana Mulik taught us how to manage change with communication in an interactive and fun-filled session titled ‘Change Management & Communication’. We learned the right way to listen and receive feedback from another training by her ‘Listening & Feedback’.

Our guest speaker Ms. Bharti Niak, a certified NLP coach and relation strategist, taught us how to take charge of our thoughts, create achievable goals with end-step, and what are attainable outcomes.

Learning never stopped @Promact as we consistently listened to one audiobook every Monday and also discussed it.

Truly, Promact did not leave any stone unturned to make 2019 a memorable, joyous, and enlightening year for us. 

Let us hope that 2020 gives us opportunities to build on the skills we acquired last year, nurture the relationships, and begin exciting journeys as we continue to grow with Promact.

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