Internships are experiences that make your learning in the professional world priceless. To be able to gain proficient knowledge is one of the many advantages one receives while interning here at Promact. With an offering of internships, we believe in sharing and giving back to the society.

The offering for an internship at the company is for enthusiastic and potential candidates, individually picked from all over India. In this year, we have about 16 budding individuals from colleges and universities who are interning at our company from parts of Gujarat and West Bengal. The usual time frame for the internship is about 3 – 4 months where they are trained and made aware of how the programs they learn are responsive to the needs of the industry. Interns also play a vital role in being important ambassadors of information back to their colleges and universities.

“With a positive augmentation of internships from the last 4 years, there is one thing our CEO, Swaty Shah assures us, “Every trained intern at Promact, fresh out of college possess the skill equivalent to an engineer having 3 years of experience in the general IT industry.”

Promact Interns 2018

Every intern at the company has a mentor. It is a learning opportunity in terms of new skills for an intern and a leadership role for the mentor. All the interns in the first few days are given various types of assignments to work on and depending on their assessment, inclination and skill for a specific technicality, they are further assigned a project to work on. In the later days, they are interminably guided with their work enabling them to get a comprehensive exposure related to the field they intend to pursue as a career in the future. Along with their professional learning, the interns are also empowered on the personal front with communication skills which is tutored by an external faculty; likewise, various activities and competitions were organized during our annual Olympics. For instance, one of the interns took the responsibility to lead the team as a captain and did exceptionally well in the role of keeping his team encouraged and united. Every individual gets ample opportunity to interact and blend with everyone at Promact and learn teamwork.

Our CTO, Rushi Soni who also leads a team admits that “Every intern goes through an extensive training on technical aspects at Promact to prepare them for all the expected and unexpected challenges in their career”.

The last year’s batch of interns was working on a recruitment system named “Questy” which was very efficient and successful. While this year’s batch of interns was working on the second version of it to make it more advanced and efficacious. Furthermore, every intern did put in their best effort with every project they are assigned to work on.  

These are 5 key pointers that are takeaways for every intern here at Promact:

  • Endless Learning Opportunities
  • Challenging Tasks
  • Work Experience
  • Internship Certification
  • Resume Additions

This is what our aspiring interns say regarding their ongoing internships.

Firoja Parveen a smart and dedicated intern says, “The experience here has been revealing to help me understand my interest and choose a field of a profession as a web designer which I enjoy learning and working on.” While another forthcoming intern Sudip Sadhukhan mentions, “Every learning encounter at Promact has been a fruitful one. This opportunity gave me the direction to choose the field of being an Android developer which I truly understand and look forward to growing in.”
There is an array of technologies like Angular, C-Sharp, .Net Core, .Net Framework, MYSQL, MVC Structure, Android, iOS, HTML, CSS, Automated / Manual Testing, etc. from which every intern here has worked at least on more than three of them.

At Promact, we want to give a complete 360-degree learning curve experience and hence an extensive consultation with every individual about their strengths and weakness occurs; making it a complete oriented improvement program. It is the undeniable dedication to make people employable, give them amazing career opportunities with extensive professional training and bringing forth the best results for the growth of the individuals and the company.

As we almost come to the last few days of our internships in 2018; our top management executive Chintan Shah confides, “Internship programs give us an opportunity to formulate and explore new areas of work. By assigning interns to these kinds of initiatives, it helps to give back to the communities the much-required time and inventiveness.

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