According to Statista, there are almost 2 billion Instagram users globally. Nowadays, people use a variety of channels to sell their businesses rather than just one. By using a variety of outlets, anyone may quickly expand their business and find long-term success. Therefore, making the proper digital platform selections for brand marketing and promotion is crucial to running a successful business.   

When we talk about marketing on Instagram, many business owners believe it is not the right platform for B2B businesses. However, it is essential to note that most of the entrepreneurs we’re expecting in the coming years will either be millennials or Gen Z. This clarity is necessary because they grew up being hooked to the screens. If we ignore a platform with about 2 million followers, we will miss out on a lot.   

Benefits of Instagram Marketing   

Let’s look at how Instagram and its features might help your DevOps business.  

  • High engagement rates  
  • Easy to target audience using features such as location tracking and demographics.  
  • Provides tailored advertising alternatives  
  • Easier to keep track of your actions with built-in insights   
  • Aids in the development of your brand   
  • Visual marketing is the greatest technique to reach the most clients these days   
  • Aids in the rise of website traffic  
  • Low in cost  

Instagram marketing ideas for DevOps Businesses   

Instagram marketing is competitive but not impossible.  So, here are a few benefits of marketing on Instagram, and with the right content and tools targeted toward the right audience, you’ll grow effortlessly!  

Invest time in making tutorials and videos   

We have significantly fewer readers amongst us. Anyone who wants to learn something new will always go on YouTube to find the most informative video that is crisp and to the point. Instagram is one of the most excellent sources of entertainment. It holds numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with their target audience.   

A brief training video may be required to get your followers to visit a specific landing page for further information. Remember that the text surrounding your video should be compelling and include a call to action.  

 Create a catchy Instagram feed   

Most people process visual information more effectively; having a consistent Instagram feed is a great way to capture their attention and increase organic engagement as people follow your account to stay tuned for more. In other words, an appealing Instagram aesthetic aids in brand identification. Finally, use data from your reports to create a series of helpful and creative blogs and infographics. Again, less content is more effective when targeting a fast-paced audience.   

Use Instagram stories   

The popularity of short-lived content has grown in recent years. People spend much time watching this content because it creates a sense of urgency. These reels not only help you receive more information in a short span, but it has also proved to be a good learning experience. For example, we have been seeing many finance people explaining how to start investing and what are some of the best platforms to begin with. This helps you grow your followers and make them aware of your niche, and you can quickly turn them into customers.   

Get involved with trending topics  

Please note what is trending, be it a challenge, a song, or an influencer, and incorporate the same by relating it to your services. This way, you can boost your followers and gain their attention.  Trends are the key to reaching out to a broader audience. So please include it in your offerings, whether a challenge, a song, or an influencer. This will help you engage with more people organically.   

Consider paid advertising options   

Instagram is an exceptionally successful paid advertising option for boosting followers and engagement. It enables you to target people based on their interests and the services they seek. In addition, you can be specific with your audience and target them by choosing the right demographics, gender, time, etc.   

Daily Data Analyzation   

Instagram business profiles get access to insights, which are Instagram’s analytics. If you have a personal profile, you can quickly convert it to a business profile to access Insights. Instagram Insights provides data that might help you enhance your marketing efforts. For example, you can track how many people visited your article and how many new followers you earned.  

When you look at this data regularly, you can see what is working and what isn’t. Then you may put more effort into material that gets the most profile views and follows and avoid techniques that don’t bring in new customers.  

Invite your satisfied users to add reviews   

Instagram offers enormous sales potential for every form of business. However, until you give social evidence, convincing your Instagram followers to buy from you is practically challenging. Customer testimonials and reviews are crucial for future customers to trust your services. You may leverage user evaluations on Instagram in a variety of ways, including:  

  • Creating reviews for your Instagram story  
  • Making a highlight album for client feedback on your feed 
  • Uploading a video or image testimonial to IGTV 

Instagram is for B2B Marketing 

Let’s put the misconception aside that Instagram is only for B2C marketing. Because of the variety of content forms available on Instagram, your brand will be more appealing to consumers and remain around longer. 

You are more than prepared to develop a plan that supports common marketing objectives now that you know the what, why, and how of marketing your DevOps business on Instagram. Additionally, create a content strategy that will assist you in organizing and producing interesting material that moves potential customers through your marketing funnel and into a signed contract.

Shweta Rathod is a student of Literature, Mythology, and Linguistics. Over the years, she has developed a taste for professional writing and enjoys reading science fiction in her free time. With her understanding of content marketing and technical writing skills, she plans to help businesses achieve their content goals with maximum results.

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