Frontend Technology evangelists and enthusiasts came together on one lovely Saturday to explore the vastness of the Frontend’s potential. The meetup was organised by Promact in Vadodara. Around 80 engineers attended the meetup.

The speakers at the meetup were: Chintan Shah (CTO at Promact & Founder of Convozo), Jimit Shah (Freelance Developer & Geek) and Nupur Shah (Artist and Freelance Graphic Designer).

Here are some highlights of the event:


The event kickstarted with Jimit’s keynote.

Jimit discussed the past, present and future of the Frontend Technologies.

Angular 2

Chintan gave an enthralling talk on Angular 2, one of the latest powerful technologies that have revolutionised Frontend development. He discussed the pain points of developers with Angular 1, proceeding with the understanding of the philosophy behind Angular 2 and its benefits, followed by a demo.


Nupur explained different layout techniques using Flexbox, a new layout mode in CSS3. In the era of multitude devices and screen sizes it becomes essential that the frontend elements behave predictably and accommodate appropriately.  Use of flexbox addresses these facets.

React JS

Jimit talked about React, one of the widely used Frontend Technologies. He explained how React rose to popularity, the performance behind it, followed by some demos to explain the different components of React.


We turned our attention to Hybrid apps. Chintan explained about the hybrid application model, how it is being used by the e-commerce companies and how you could use your existing skillsets of web development for app development.

Lastly, Jimit gave an overview on how React Native is changing the market by bringing in native components with Javascript.

What’s Next

We love exploring new technologies and meeting other technology enthusiasts. We are planning other meetups very soon. You can follow our Frontend Meetup Group and Startup Meetup Group for further updates. Additionally, we are starting a blog series on Angular 2 very soon. Stay tuned.

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