Ever thought why do some brands or e-commerce platforms do better business than others? Assuming that their products or services are superior to others is the biggest mistake! Yes, the quality of offerings does matter, but it does not directly contribute to higher sales.

Good User Experience (UX) encourages people to buy often by making the buying process easier. UX helps visitors to effortlessly navigate your e-commerce website so that they conveniently find what they want, buy it, and you make a sale.

38% of online shoppers say that they will leave a website if they find the design to be unattractive, as per a study by Abode.

Do you know that User Experience (UX) trends keep on changing? So, what had worked earlier may not give the same result now. Also, with customers getting increasingly particular and aware, User Experience has become more critical than ever. 

It is where the E-commerce Development Company having an experienced team of UX-UI designers comes into play. You need a website that is clean, easy to navigate, and makes the buying process intuitive for your visitors.

Our eCommerce experts don’t just build online stores with robust code but also provide the best in class UX-UI for better business outcomes.

What is User Experience in e-commerce?

A good User Experience design provides a clean, simple, yet enjoyable shopping experience to the e-commerce website visitor. A skilled UX designer tries to figure out what can attract and impress the audience. User Experience can indeed make or break an e-commerce brand.

The measurement of User Experience is how the visitors perceive your e-commerce store after interacting with it. Good User Experience is essential not just for the first or second time but every time. It’s because people share their experiences, whether good or bad and impact your business goodwill.

How bad UX damages the e-commerce business?

69.57 % of online shoppers abandoned their carts from 2006 to 2018 as per the average calculated by Baymard’s institute based on 41 different studies over the abandonment of e-commerce shopping carts.

Yes, some visitors might have abandoned the cart because the products did not interest them, or they did not want to purchase them right away, or they were merely checking out the brand and website. But what about the others? Bad UX forced them to leave.

Let’s take a look at some of the UX issues that the Baymard study highlights:

  • The complicated or long checkout process
  • The website asks to create an account
  • Insufficient payment methods
  • Lack of trust while handling credit card information
  • Crashes and errors in the website
  • No clarity in pricing
  • High additional costs

The Baymard study further stated that the conversion rate could have increased by 35.26% (amounting to lost orders worth $260 billion) if the e-commerce sites had bettered their design and checkout flow.

It’s huge!

How to exceed your online shopper’s expectations?

Shoppers seek seamless shopping experiences from start to finish. Good UX, combined with top-quality code, can enhance an e-commerce store’s performance and online shoppers’ experiences.

UX design is not something to be done in the end after your e-commerce website is ready. An impressive online store has a design-led architecture that comprises user research, user testing, persona development, wireframing, usability testing. 


Our eCommerce experts use design-led methodologies to build best-in-class web and mobile applications.

To sum up, let’s take a look at the Good UX best practices for your e-commerce website:

  • Begin with design creation for the desired positive customer experience
  • Keep your checkout process minimal and simple
  • Don’t compel online shoppers to sign-up, if not necessary
  • Have clarity in displaying pricing, including the additional costs during the checkout
  • Ensure your site is free from errors and crashes
  • Maintain the high speed of the site at all times
  • Provide relevant and correct details

UX is one of the aspects of e-commerce development that impacts the performance of your online store. Building a high performing e-commerce website or mobile application takes the collective efforts of different people such as developers, designers, testers, content writers, analysts, managers, and the list goes on.

You need an experienced e-commerce development company capable of expertly handling every aspect of your online store. Who knows, relying on any novice development company could turn out to be costlier.

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