In the bustling landscape of India’s food tech industry, a pioneering food tech enterprise ventured into the B2B food ingredient platform, aiming to redefine the way restaurateurs order supplies. Their ambitious journey, fraught with challenges, became a testament to the transformative power of digital solutions.


Starting its journey in 2008, this food tech behemoth transitioned into a farm-to-fork model after integrating a Bengaluru-based raw material and procurement startup into its operations. Their new venture aimed to bridge the gap between producers – farmers, mills, and processors – and the restaurants that relied on them for quality ingredients. 

Challenges Encountered:

As the enterprise scaled, several bottlenecks emerged: 

Forecasting Dilemmas: Estimating perishable stocks was proving to be a hurdle, making it imperative to predict orders from restaurateurs accurately.

Inventory Imbalances: While orders flooded in, misjudged forecasts often resulted in insufficient inventory, leading to order cancellations and tarnished customer relationships. 

SKU Mismanagement: The onboarding and cataloging of products lacked efficiency, leading to confusion and, often, operational chaos. 

Blind Reporting: The absence of a reporting mechanism left the company without crucial insights, impacting their decision-making capacity on delivery, purchasing, and more. 

Digital Overhaul: The Road to Resolutions: 

Identifying these operational gaps, a tailored digital solution was charted out: 

Precision Forecasting: By harnessing past ordering data, a dynamic ‘forecast’ feature was introduced, allowing for accurate stock predictions. 

Inventory Intelligence: A real-time plug-in was established, focusing on stock checks, ensuring that perishables were ordered and stocked in just-right quantities, reducing waste and overstocking. 

Seamless SKU Management: The solution enabled barcode integration and streamlined onboarding, ensuring product lifecycles were managed without hitches. 

Data-Driven Reporting: A new reporting framework was introduced, empowering the team with actionable insights about deliveries, inventory, GST, and more.

Transformative Outcomes: 

The digital shift ushered in a slew of benefits: 

  • A single account login system simplified onboarding, especially for multi-outlet restaurants. 
  • Physical market visits became a thing of the past, as restaurateurs could now order supplies online. 
  • Direct partnerships with producers ensured consistently high-quality supplies at competitive prices. 
  • The platform became a one-stop solution, offering a range of products, from greens to gourmet seafood. 
  • The innovative option to split single orders based on different delivery dates added flexibility to the ordering process. 


The case of this food tech giant stands as an embodiment of digital evolution’s might. By identifying challenges, harnessing the right technological tools, and strategically implementing solutions, the company didn’t just resolve its pain points; it transformed its entire operational model, setting a precedent for others in the industry. 

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