The term “artificial intelligence” appeared very early, in the 1950s, the day when a dozen American and British researchers gathered in Dartmouth to discuss how to imitate, artificially or mechanically, calculations or behaviors that only humans could do. Globally, the term “artificial intelligence” groups all behaviors that are similar to what a human would do and that would be considered “intelligent”. 

Since the mid-2010s, things got accelerated. Thanks to deep learning, and in particular with the concept of perception, whether visual or audio, AI has become ubiquitous. It led to mixed emotions, including one of the myths that AI can replace a human. This myth is further fueled by culture, for example through certain movies.


This feeling is quite similar to what is happening in robotics. A very humanoid robot scares us much more than a robot that looks like a baby. Because it creates cognitive dissonance, we focus strongly on these details and we see a human in him.

Fear happens when the behavior gets closer to ours. Our perception of what the algorithm does on a computer is then amplified and projected onto other contexts.


So, in this post, we will be debunking certain myths that surround artificial intelligence, and try to find a sane conclusion on these.

MYTH 1: Artificial intelligence destroys workplaces because cognitive systems can perform many tasks more precisely, faster, and without errors.

You can call it a partial truth! AI systems are becoming increasingly important in the world of work. For human experts, for example, it is a major challenge to plan complicated logistics chains. AI is now very good at this task. No doubt, there will be changes in the job market: Many new professions will be created by AI in the future, other professions may disappear. At the same time, AI will create new jobs because specialists are needed to create, operate, and optimize AI.

MYTH 2: Artificial intelligence is beyond human control and, in the worst case, can act against the will of its developers. 

Here’s a myth that stops most entrepreneurs and business owners from reaping the benefits of AI. AI can recognize patterns and relationships from huge amounts of data and thus come to unexpected results. Weak AI systems, do not have their own thoughts and do not pursue their own goals. It cannot develop beyond human control.

Your business needs an AI solution that can truly be capable of reproducing the capacities of the human brain.

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MYTH 3: AI will rule the world one day.

Science fiction in particular is concerned with intelligent robots that one day will subjugate all of humanity. In these scenarios, however, it is neglected that machines do not have characteristics such as morality or free will. Should these be developed in the future, they simply correspond to the ideas of the owners. So machines and robots will never develop their own motifs. Hence, there has to be a healthy balance of optimism and pessimism towards new technologies.

MYTH 4: It isn’t possible to develop a medical tricorder like the one used in the science fiction series “Star Trek” to measure people’s vital functions.

This is not correct. Mobile analysis devices like those from the science fiction series will be conceivable in the future. Sensors are the key technology for this, and a lot of milestones have been achieved there. For example, there are sensors today that analyze breathing air and your movements. The advances in sensor technology are great, and the best part is that these sensors are getting smaller and smaller. AI helps to efficiently evaluate the data that the sensors collect. Analysis devices can already detect injuries under the skin.

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MYTH 5: There’s no use of AI in my business.

The economy is changing: AI is changing our business on the way to data-driven processes as much as the Internet once did. To keep pace with the global competition, companies need to adapt their business models. It starts with understanding the possibilities and technologies of AI and identifying the potential for your own company.

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Ultimately, we will be able to combine different tools to create even more sophisticated and efficient tools. In a few years, we will be able to go much further in terms of creative tools than what is done now, with much shorter working time. These improvements should help creativity by making it easier to have quality.
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