Olympics at Promact

At Promact, we strive every day to make our work environment fun and engaging. We believe in greatly investing in our employees and want them to start their day by looking forward to coming to work, because, well they have fun. On that account, the concept of “Olympics at Promact” was initiated; to come together as teams for sports that would build a vital level of camaraderie among everyone to interact, enjoy and have a great time for both indoor and outdoor games. Moreover, it helps to boost up the moral and bring forth a positive attitude to build an extra harmonious work environment.

Every year the games are finalized and the preliminary round start by December which carries forward to the next months and the finals rounds are held in February. Some of the popular games played are Carrom, Chess, Arm Wrestling, Slow Cycling, Skipping, Tennis (PS3), NFS, Sudoku, Darts, Relay Race, Quizzes, Dodgeball, Box Cricket and Food eating. The teams are divided into four which are led by captains and they each select their team members in the process.

An energizing current of healthy competition went through all the participants. Some of the  highlights were of Meet Vora, who won the Chess competition keeping his composure calm and cool, the complete muscle-bound energy of Shreel Bhatt in the Arm Wrestling finals, the super-kinetic energy of Riya Shah in Skipping, the interesting competition between the finalists of box-cricket and all the others who gave their very best and played in the true spirit of sportsmanship.

These various sports activities offer the best opportunities to get along with co-workers along with helping to release stress levels and being refreshed. There are also many pieces of research that show how physically active people have lesser ailments as compared to those with a sedentary lifestyle.

Cricket At Promact
Cricket At Promact

These activities give a boost and are advantageous in ways more than one, like:

  • Social interaction
  • Improvement in performance & productivity
  • Dynamic energy levels
  • Teamwork
  • Participation
  • Leadership
  • Competition
  • Trust
  • Fun physical activity
  • Increased employee satisfaction

Furthermore, there are other skills that have essential benefits to promote sports in our workspace, like:

Communication skills play a vital role in the success of a team whether it’s in work life or sports and lack of it can be a critical challenge. Whether it is about resolving an issue or having a clear perspective of things; is where this skill plays an important role and helps make great leaders within a team.

Strategic Objectives help you plan ahead and achieve your goals whether its football or work. By implementing a detailed planning, it makes your strategies a success. By making it achievable you can set your own limits which should be realistic and timely.

Time Management is essential to make the best use of the work hours. When there is loads of work to be completed; time seems to be running at the speed of light. Be it on the field or off the field, the best way to be paced with time is to prioritize and function accordingly.

High Self-esteem in individuals is surely promoted through sports. As a part, it aids individuals in giving a boost to their work rhythm and engages them to strive hard and achieve better results.

Healthy Competition is good whether it is with someone else or just yourself. The ball is in your court and it’s up to you to bring out the best competitive streak and push that extra mile to strive for excellence.

Tug of War at Promact
Tug of War at Promact

The benefits of sports are boundless. It helps to keep a healthy mind, body and also brightens up the work environment. If you are thinking of being a part of our organization, then we ensure that “we work hard and play hard too”.

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