The growing purchasing power of internet users around the world has opened up huge opportunities for business owners to invest in e-commerce. According to recent statistics, the 10 largest e-commerce markets in the world are: 

  • China: $ 672 billion; 
  • United States: $ 340 billion; 
  • United Kingdom: $ 99 billion; 
  • Japan: $ 79 billion; 
  • Germany: $ 73 billion; 
  • France: $ 43 billion; 
  • South Korea: $ 37 billion; 
  • Canada: $ 30 billion; 
  • Russia: $ 20 billion; 
  • Brazil: $ 19 billion. 

E-commerce is a wonderful area. If you are planning to start a business by building an e-commerce platform; there are many reasons including the attractive income stats mentioned above.

5 Important Rules for E-Commerce Success 

  • Importance of a Website Compatible with Smartphones 

The number of smartphone users worldwide in 2021 has already crossed 3.5 billion users. The widespread use of smartphones has influenced the formation of online shopping habits; 67% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site. Having a website compatible with smartphones is one of the most significant rules for success in the e-commerce field.  

A large number of people who use mobile devices to research product information online require the e-commerce website design to be mobile-friendly. Customers buy directly and indirectly using their mobile devices; and if you don’t have a mobile website, you are losing a large segment of customers. With a mobile site, you can guarantee users the best possible browsing experience, and allow them to benefit by staying competitive in the market. 

You need to design a site structure where users can easily navigate through smart mobile devices, and also get superior image quality with adequate product information. The payment page must be simple and fluid. Remember- if the payment page navigation is difficult, customers will not be able to buy anything from your online store. 

  • Marketing Professionally 

Marketing professionally is one of the main reasons for e-commerce success; whether you have just ventured into the eCommerce world or are looking to expand and grow in the field. First of all, you need to know the latest marketing trends and develop a marketing plan for your business. And, it’s a necessity, not an option. You need to reach your audience more effectively. You need to be aware of the marketing trends used by your competitors. 

Content marketing is one of the most powerful trends; it can attract more customers through proper marketing with original content and its promotion. It offers more positive interest, interaction, and lasting conversions. And through it, you can ensure that your audience receives new interesting information and solutions to their problems on an ongoing basis. It helps increase their confidence and their loyalty to you as the most trusted source.  

  • Consider Five-Star Customer Service 

For example, Amazon prides itself on a global customer-centric vision; which has greatly contributed to its success. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon said, “The most important thing is the obsession with customer-oriented service, our goal is to be the world’s most customer-oriented company”. Given Amazon’s commitment to world-class customer service; it has developed tools that help users track packages and quickly return or exchange required items. 

In addition to his goals, Jeff Bezos pushes his curiosity to achieve simplicity and convenience for online shopping experiences; and the brand’s dedication to this goal has paid off. Using these skills, Amazon in July 2018 achieved a market value of $ 900 billion for the first time. This is not a coincidence, nor with substandard customer service; Amazon was ranked as the best customer service brand in 2012, and Amazon’s customer service team has won many accolades. This is all because of his dedication to preventing problems clients face and the speed of their treatment.  

  • Design a Mobile Application 

An app for your e-commerce store has become an important tool due to the growth in the use of mobile phones and online purchases. It helps increase your sales, expand your customer base, and improve your brand visibility. 

E-commerce applications are capturing the market and making big profits. Customers prefer the shopping experience on mobile apps over the desktop or mobile browsers. Also, they have much better reach as people keep their mobile phones handy all the time. So, think about offering your customers a better and easier experience by creating a mobile application for your online store. 

Allow your customer to experience high-end features such as receiving notifications when deals start on the customer’s Wishlist; provide voice and image search options, improve filtering function and suggest better keywords. They help customers easily manage the shopping list and track the shipment of their orders and stay informed at every step.  

  • Keep an Eye on Your Competition and Beat It 

Identify regions where there is greater demand for your products. Study where your competitors are present. Identify the areas they have missed, and tap on this opportunity to enter new unexplored markets. 

Regions, where the per capita income is high, could be good target markets for you. Places, where there are well-developed internet and communication networks, could be conducive to expand your e-commerce business. 

For instance, the Middle East and North African markets continue to attract investors in the field of e-commerce due to their large untapped spaces. Also, more and more customers are keen to spend online in these countries as they are getting more familiar with online shopping experiences. 


The success of your e-commerce business is complemented by the combination of several factors- the quality of your products, the content you provide to potential customers, the level of your customer service, and your efforts to grow with changing consumer tastes and trends. By doing it right; you can create a worthy place in the market, and experience significant growth over the next few years. 

Have you implemented your online shop? Great, the first steps in e-commerce have been mastered! We’ll show you a few more tips on how you can now generate more sales, inspire your customers and, by the way, rock your marketing! Get in touch now! 

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