The year 2015 had been a wonderful ride for us. We have seen great success with our projects and taken big steps in our vision.

As the new year begins, it is a good time to review the year.

Tech Updates

  1. Docker
    This year we explored Docker and fell in love with that technology. We saw a great tool that would eliminate hours of configuring clusters and managing them. Docker is to Infrastructure like JVM is to Programing language. You just need to create a Docker container and deploy on any machine that has basic kernel features. We consulted a company at Gandhinagar for probable implementation of Docker. They had a huge cluster to manage with legacy code and multiple locations to deploy. We implemented Docker for our own Project management system Redmine. It allows us to upgrade Redmine faster. This year we shall be working
    more on Docker and would be publishing few use case scenarios and tips for using it efficiently.

  2. Machine Learning This year we started 2 Mobile apps which presented us with the use case for Machine Learning. We have started with the very basics of machine learning on Azure. They provide a perfect environment to learn this. Essentially we are trying to build a recommendation engine which can be used by social media apps to provide high-quality content for its users.

  3. Angular JS We had a very successful year with AngularJS. Although we are working on it for the last 3 years. This year we explored an exceptionally high number of new use cases for it. We are working on a very challenging client-side application which is very heavy and hence we are exploring new ways to make use of AngularJS. We have also explored a lot in the upcoming version of AngularJS i.e. Angular 2. We are really excited looking at its speed and performance & eagerly awaiting its release. This year we will be working on a live project that would be utilizing Angular 2 and Material Design in more depth. Just waiting to explore more possibilities with Angular 2.

  4. Open Source Initiative We love open source and GitHub. Last year we introduced a new initiative for our employees to contribute to the open-source world and earn rewards for the same. It’s a win-win situation for both. They can contribute to any open source project or Promact’s own open-source projects. Anyone who wants to contribute can contact us. This year we expect more contributions from our team members.

A year of Apps

2015 was a huge year for mobile apps. We created many new apps targeting a multitude of issues around and bringing out a solution. 2016 would be even bigger with app launches into the marketplace. Few of our significant achievements are as follows:

  1. Convozo Convozo is one of our major apps developed this year. Developed for IOS as well as Android users, this platform is a space for connecting with Apps and much more. The amazing thing about this app is, it would open the world of apps to the common users and connect with them much better. This app would soon be available in the coming month.

  2. Crozi Crozi is yet another big achievement by Promact. We have developed a beautiful platform for sharing experiences in the form of stories. The beauty of this app is in the details of its design. Designed with the concepts of Material Design & engineered with Machine Learning, this app is ought to bring awesomeness.  Crozi will be released shortly on the Android platform.

  3. A dozen apps a year Our team developed several apps (IOS, Android and Hybrid). We made apps that are useful and impactful. And we are proud to release about a dozen apps in mid-2016, all handcrafted by Promact.

The Page-turner

  1. We turned 13 & welcomed a new CEO Promact recently turned 13 on 10th October 2015 & we celebrated with a bang! An evening filled with celebration & appreciation of our team, we entered the next year with a vision for awesomeness. On this day the Promact family welcomed the new CEO, Swaty Shah. With this move, Promact moves one step ahead towards our vision to make this organization more technically strong and to bring about an environment of creativity and innovation.

  2. A new website & blog This year we finally bid goodbye to our good old website & welcomed our brand new website which is modern, slick, simple, mobile-friendly and more informative. If you haven’t yet been there, check out our new website at https://promactinfo.com/. Additionally, we dedicated a brand new page to present Promact’s culture and career opportunities. Check out our career section at https://promactinfo.com/careers. Also, how can we forget this new blog! We revamped this completely. This is just a beginning, stay tuned to our blog section and stay updated with the latest tech around
  3. A new vision Growing old with a younger heart! We love startups. Promact’s management team themselves being involved in the startup world since a few years are very well equipped with the nits and grits of a startup. We just geared up ourselves to make our organization more startup-friendly. We already worked with 4 cool startups this year!

Fun, Frolic & Celebrations

Fun and celebrations have always been a very important part of the Promact family. A year spent celebrating the festivities is a good year indeed. We started 2015 with Yoga and Uttarayan (a kite-flying festival), moving ahead with our Annual Olympics, a week full of fun days, proceeding ahead with Picnics, Teacher’s day celebration and a lot more. Again at the end of the year, we geared up for Olympics 2016 which we would be beginning shortly. Stay geared up on our Olympics website (https://olympic.promactinfo.com/) to know the latest happenings.

2016 & the road ahead

  1. Advanced Machine Learning, Docker and Angular 2
    There is no limit to knowledge and learning. In 2016 we would be moving a step ahead to what we had started the previous year. This year there would be a lot of experimentation on Machine Learning, Docker and Angular 2.

  2. Apps in the marketplace
    This year would be very exciting for mobile apps. We will be releasing our hard-worked apps into the marketplace.

  3. Celebrations have already begun!
    Beginning the new year with celebrations, we now proceed on to our annual Olympics 2016 beginning next week. So stay tuned.
    We wish you a very Happy New Year! We hope 2016 gives you all that you have wished for.
A Geek by nature, I love to work on challenging development projects. I have been in Programming for last 13 years and still too young to learn anything new. I have exceptional command using AngularJS and Python/.Net/NodeJS.